Art Appreciation: Paintings

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with, start a new relationship with you.” – Usher (You Make Me Wanna)

In season 4, episode 6 of Snowfall, there’s a scene with the main character of the show, Franklin, and his current love interest, Tanosse, laying naked together on a couch. The camera pans out into the wide room where you see Black art paintings covering every wall around them.

The timing of this episode along with my new found appreciation for visual art was perfect for this post.

Obviously, I had to rewatch this scene at least 4 times because it not only depicted an intimate display of Black love on-screen but also included a magnificent art parallel against the two.

Most recently I discovered the company paintings keep. It fills the home with people that aren’t physically there. If your home is usually filled with actual humans, you may not notice the impact a painting on the wall could make.

I like to walk towards my bathroom and see a quartet of women at the shampoo sink getting their hair washed in a salon. It reminds me of my childhood where I spent hours in the beauty shop where my mom worked. The women coming to get their hair done all while the shop was filled with conversation, laughter, and loud talking. It felt familiar.

It took me living alone to realize the value of visual art and collecting it. Although, the business of art collection can be very lucrative and expensive (I’m still learning).

The difference I like between photographs and paintings are the detachment of personal memories. Paintings can evoke emotions, but there are no specific memories attached. Photographs are the complete opposite. Rather than a distinct moment in time captured, paintings serve as general reminders with cultural or universal themes. I like that.

Sometimes it’s preferred.


Black Art Depot in Atlanta, GA helped introduce me to this world.

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