Cordae: Finally Relieves Fans with New Music

“I ain’t dropped a song in a year, my fans is happy to wait.” – Cordae (More Life)

It’s been nearly two years since Cordae officially released a collective project. This week he blessed fans with a four-track EP.

When it comes to new music we rate it by different standards for each artist. By Cordae’s genius, the rank will be based on the substances typically found in his art. This includes universal truths, growing pains, and personal tales:

1.) Dream in Color

Arguably one of the best songs on the EP. The beat has a two-step sway and one shake of a tambourine. “Ooh”s and “ahh”s from an actual choir comfort your ears with the ad-libs. Definitely, the most motivational record on the project (hence the title).

2.) More Life (ft. Q Tip)

This track has a moderately paced beat. Cordae raps about being one of the greatest in his generation and gives a nod to his tennis-champion star girlfriend, Naomi Osaka.

3.) Thornton Street

A vibe and message in this song is similar to Autobiography by Nicki Minaj (originally, “Feel It In The Air” by Beenie Sigel). Cordae reveals more personal life details, especially after the release of his debut album. He mentions the track “Family Matters” caused some friction and almost lost his aunt from things he said.

4.) Wassup (ft. Young Thug)

This song goes up in the club. The melody is a bop and you can dance to it in breaks. Picture a ride on the freeway with the top-down, rapping along. A hype track like this is always the shortest on the list.

Stream Cordae’s Just Until…. on any music-sharing platform. You can also listen to it on his YouTube channel HERE.

According to the rapper, this project is “something to hold us” until the album arrives. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Do you agree with our rating?

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