Bree Runway: A New Pop Star

Ride that boy face like a Yama-ha-ah” – Bree Runway (Hot Hot)

Bree Runway burst onto the music scene with her breakout single, “All Night” in 2019. Her bold choices in hair, wardrobe, and symbolism in music videos will keep your eyes glued to her every move (see Big Racks and What Do I Tell My Friends?). Bree’s mezzo-alto voice and sensual dances prove she’s talented in every department and has the star quality to rise to the top.

She’s the latest pop singer to emerge to the surface hailing from Hackney, London with Ghanaian roots.

It’s important to recognize Bree Runway as an artist in pop music as she is currently one of the few Black women in that lane. Although Runway also raps, her sound is heavily-aligned with pop or at least a unique fusion of it. Black women are not acknowledged enough in this genre. Instead they are often categorized as R&B. In addition to her place in pop, her dark-skin complexion is a noteworthy representation in an industry filtered by colorism.

Women of darker shades in the music industry are rarely centered acts. But that is quickly changing with her talents. In most recent years, Normani and Lizzo are among other pop artists to rise against this barrier.

Her rap style in songs like “ATM” and “APESHIT” command the beat with fearless and confident lyrics. An influence of Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliot can be heard in her cadences but she still delivers in a rhythm of her own.

She represents a new face and sound in pop music as the scene tends to lack consistency from artists nowadays. Her image is important for young Black girls of the same shade to see representation. Runway has admitted to struggles with her complexion because of bullying and colorism. Simply by being herself out loud, it can encourage others to embrace and live proudly in their skin.

Bree Runway is an audacious artist in sound, aesthetic, and lyricism. She cannot be contained to one lane and the world will come to appreciate that.

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