#NationalPetDay: Dogs Are Better at Being Human than Humans

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

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1.) Loyal

Dogs are recognized as one of the most social creatures and it’s due to their ancestral wolf-pack mentality. One of the few genes that stayed in-tact over the thousands of years in domestication. They are team players and this mind-set induces their loyalty to the group, human, or family.

2.) Emotional intelligence

Is there anything left to say? These animals can detect human emotions and identify a range set between happy, angry, sad, fear, surprised, and confused. Where many people may struggle with emotional intelligence or empathy, dogs do not.

3.) Kindness

This is a noticed behavior based on observations and personal experience. Dogs can get along with many other animals, too. The linked video shows different breed dogs interacting with all sorts of creatures. It shows dogs have a certain friendliness and benevolent trait, especially in regard to others.

4.) Protective

As previously mentioned, an essential part of the wolf gene remains in dogs. So when it comes down to it, dogs will protect their pack. Even the little ones. Although, they can be a bit more bark than bite, their instinct is still there.

The disclaimer to all of these magnificent traits of dogs today is 12,000 years of domestication. A timeline that stretches so far back in human history has the power to alter genetic and behavioral codes. Dogs are so well domesticated they seem to have the basics of social treatment better than humans!

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