Santan Dave: UK’s Top Boy Returns to Rap

But when the world needed him most, he vanished.” – Katara (Avatar, The Last Airbender)

Two days ago (4/10), one of England’s best and most recognized rap artists, Dave finally released two new singles after a two-year hiatus since his debut album, PSYCHODRAMA.

He delivers the music pack titled, “Titanium & Mercury”. This is also the names of the tracks. Dave previewed Titanium on his Instagram page several weeks before. He reveals in his lyrics that these songs will not be included on the next album. Upon first listen, it’s clear why Titanium didn’t make the cut. But Mercury is where Dave seamlessly weaves-in literary devices across the beat.

Both records incorporate a solemn tone, very similar to most of his previous work. Dave tends to cover serious topics like psychological barriers, racial and social conflict, as well as reflect on personal moments that mirror the somber sound in his music. In Mercury, he quickly responds to last year’s social media chatter on his particular, romantic interest in light-skin women.

He says “all this crypto in the world / you could get rich in a day / So, I don’t get why / you’re invested in the women I date.” He prompts gossipers to reframe focus on investments that could actually reap profit, rather than his dating life. A usual response to the poor.

Check out his latest singles BELOW:

Titanium & Mercury

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