History: An Artist and Culture Accountability

Dear Mama don’t cry, your baby boy’s doing good. Tell the homies I’m in Heaven and they ain’t got hoods” – Tupac Shakur (Thugz Mansion)

As people around the world celebrate or mourn the life of DMX, I never seen him recite poetry. Here is a clip I came across today where he speaks his truth (as he always did):

Beyond DMX, our culture needs to change the approach and relationship with drugs across the board. Addiction is an actual disease that affects the brain and body like any other disorder. In any case of minor illnesses, doctors are quicker to prescribe pills than find the cause of sickness. They send your pharmacy a laundry list of pills for any ache or complaint you have and hope something works to fix it. Isn’t that how the opioid crisis got its start?

There should be more questions to the structures around the people suffering from this disease rather than the people themselves.

I find a relationship exists between drug abuse and suicide because both acts result in self-harm. The commonality seems to be to relieve pain.

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