Return of Press-On Nails: New or Old Business?

Competition, why yes, I would love some.” – Nicki Minaj (Check It Out)

Finally, we have returned to one of our olden yet golden beauty supply relics — press-on nails! In the past year or so, it has made a huge comeback. Especially, since the start of the pandemic last year with safety precautions. We still needed to get our nails done! So we found an old route and popularized it again, like we do with everything else.

Beauty and lifestyle influencer, Jackie Aina, was one of the first public figures in recent years to promote the use of press-on nails in replace of acrylics. Among her and other influencers and celebs alike, such as Jayda Cheaves and Ariana Grande, have publicly raved about this forgotten method of nail extensions.

Historical cosmetic brands like KISS and Ardell have always had press-on nail kits. But now they carry the latest designs and still keep the same prices, $6 to $9. They will always have a customer in me. Among them are other nameless nail kits you can find at your local beauty supply within a similar price range.

However, due to its rising popularity, more businesses have come to play. These new brands have higher prices, too, but for good reasons. Or, so they claim. The more expensive in cost for nail falsies usually indicate custom designs and/or length with shape, stronger material, and efficient reusability.

To give a better perspective of the difference between press-ons and acrylics, here’s how they level-up:

Press-on nails

  • No salon wait time
  • Reusable (kind of)
  • Choice to customize or purchase plain designs
  • Cost efficient (due to this, you can switch it out like clothes)


  • Long-lasting
  • Choice of application: gel, powder, or plain polish
  • Add-on other beauty services at the salon (because why not?)

Do what works for you, but at the end of the day our nails will be done. Amen.

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