Dear Mama

“To keep me happy there’s no limit to the things you did.” ~Tupac Shakur

This lady is a magician.

I’ve been noticing her efforts to better our mother-daughter relationship. She listens more and responds differently to the things I tell her versus in the past.

I just realized how much my mom provides me with an abundance of options to make my life easier. In the last two months my beach trips have increased. I would tell her about my adventures and things that could make them a bit better. I casually mentioned a beach bag would be better to have than my two arms used to carry all my things. The following day, she comes home after work toting a multi-striped beach bag in hand. It was for me.

Next, I asked her if we had any beach towels in the closet, we didn’t. So I settled for any towel I could find. A few days later, she tells me to go to the mall to buy a rack of beach towels on sale with her debit card. She really pays attention. I never noticed this because: 1) these were things I wanted but didn’t immediately need, 2) I forgot I mentioned it.

It’s admirable how well she listens and then acts. A lot of times I rummage through my mind and share my random thoughts and experiences with her. Like most people, I tend to think of ways that could make my life easier. We don’t always need those routes, but they are a nicer option to have.

I brought up June plums while chatting with her about seasonal fruits, like guineps and watermelon in the summertime. This morning I woke up to two June plums sitting on top of my dresser. That genuinely warmed my heart because, if I recall correctly, that conversation must’ve happened last week or so. Yet she remembered and took it upon herself to provide me with something I forgot I even mentioned. She pays attention.

Looking back in the past, she always did this. I just never paid attention. It’s one of the ways she prioritizes my happiness, and I’m becoming to appreciate that more.

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