In the Middle of a Pandemic?

What the hell we gon do now.” ~ Ms. Juicy Baby

Thank God I’m alive during a pandemic, but where is the joy in all of this? For someone that likes to party, travel, and gather at events, it might be pretty hard to find. Especially, if you tend to move solo. So here’s what I’ve been doing to keep my sanity:

1.) Earthing

I jog outside practically every day now and make the beach my home every week. I’ve always loved the ocean but this is the most I’ve consistently went in my lifetime. “Earthing” is a word I just learned this week. If you already guessed, it means connecting to the planet. By definition, it “refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping that transfer the energy from the ground into the body.” I take my weekly walks on the sand and baptize myself in the waves – earthing at its finest.

It’s good for the body, it’s good for the soul!

2.) Series

Now this is for my people with few to no friends. Social distancing among long-distance relationships is a killer. So if you can’t see your friends, or have none to see, dive into a series! Currently, my series are a string of novels. I just finished The Wedding Party and now I’m locked into Children of Blood and Bone. But it can be television for you, or even YouTube. These well-crafted worlds have characters waiting for us to meet. That’s a benefit of being the audience, just sit back and enjoy. Eventually, you become so immersed in these worlds that the characters feel like they are a part of your life. Plus, it can be a refreshing emotional journey. (This is a sign, leave him).

3. Dating apps

Now that you’ve left him, find someone new. The BLK app is fun to swipe through, Bumble isn’t too bad. There’s plenty of other apps you can Google to find. Then get lost in a sea of unfiltered compliments. It’s just an ego-booster. I’ve never been on a date with anyone from those apps, but I’m sure you can! Go get em Baskin!

(Get it? In replace of tiger? Seriously, lock her up).

Find me on Twitter @itsbiancagreen to let me know how it works out for you! Byeeee.

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