The Impact of Artists

Chadwick Boseman died today and I found myself crying.

Another artist has left us in the year 2020. This man had stage III colon cancer which then progressed to stage IV within the past four years, and managed to do 8 films within that time frame. He was an artist committed to his craft. His work will sustain him to everyone that didn’t know him personally, like me.

He first came to me as James Brown in Get On Up. Then I seen him again as Jackie Robinson. Next instance, I’m on flight to New York and I see this guy again, playing Thurgood Marshall, Esq. on my seatback TV. This man was everywhere, depicting every historical Black male figure across the board. Then comes Valentine’s Day weekend of 2018. Now the world knows him as T’Challa, aka the Black Panther. But if you keep up with the MCU, you already saw that coming.

It hurts to see people whose work and dedication I admire leave this physical world. In that same notion, it reminds me to pursue my passions and actively convert my thoughts into actions to create the art I want. The impact of his talent is left here for everyone to see; whether it’s on stage, film, or in the hearts and minds of Black children everywhere that seen a superhero reflected in their image. Artists live forever.

Long live the Great Chadwick Boseman.

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