Recap: MAIP Sesh with Jezz Chung

This evening we got to connect with diversity & inclusion extraordinaire, Jezz Chung. From the jump, her vibe let me know this would be a genuine session; no pretense. Just the way I like it.

After introductions we get to the main point: ourselves. We practiced an exercise to list qualities that are vital to our identity. This where people started to have difficulty and needed to question themselves to define who they are, or what makes them who they are.

I had to ask myself questions too. To nail it down, I ranked the things that matter most to me and what makes up most of my passion. I landed at:

1.) Truth-seeking

2.) Expressing the human experience through multiple forms of artistry

3.) Human/Nature connection

All three of these factors connect and highlight a majority of what sets my soul on fire. It felt good to write it down and describe it with verbs. We used this skeleton to then flesh out our biography.

The next task that I thought was super interesting and I have never done before was write my future bio. Jezz shared hers with us which was originally for her eyes only. This exercise threw me for a loop because I have dreamed endlessly about things I would like to see in my future. But to physically write it down and read it out loud felt even more surreal. However, Jezz reassured us this is where power lies. There is power in claiming the things we want in addition to going after them.

I appreciated this two-hour evening with Ms. Chung because it felt like a therapeutic reminder with a friend. The greatest takeaway, although it may sound cliche, is take power in your uniqueness and perception because it is marketable. Figuring out how to market it is the challenge.

*For more guidance, she recommended this book: Creative visualization.

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