2020: Let’s MAIP It Happen

This summer program has been a journey. A couple hundred Zoom calls later and we’ve finally made it to the end of the road.

As we wrap up phase three of our program, we finally got to create campaigns for clients with MAIP’s agency partners and present our deck in-front of them and the rest of our fellows. In a round of briefings, my group made it as finalists for each category. My favorite one was the Whataburger campaign for TikTok. You can check it out below:

During this project, I put my leadership and writing skills to the test once again. In the beginning stages, we did not have any specific direction or message to aim at our target audience. We also did not define our consumers with enough distinguishable traits. So I noted this problem and brought it to the group. Then we began to examine, explore, and narrow down ideas.

Given our team’s very diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we had conversations, questions, and opposing views on many topics which caused us to gain some critical insight into different cultures such as Southern-Texan tradition, social media uses, and Whataburger experiences. These dialogues led to our main idea for the creative of this campaign which was table tents.

From there we began to brainstorm how to direct this idea. We reflected on the iconic Campbell’s soup commercial where the soup can rolls from the grocery store to a boy’s home. I drafted the script for our sponsored TikTok ad which featured a Whataburger table tent flipping from customer to customer til it reaches its final destination. The difference in our message was the purpose of the table tents traveling and the impact to return them to the restaurant once it landed in your possession.

I think this was our best campaign because we made decisions based on cultural info we only gained from open discussions we held that included everyone’s perspective. That allowed us to truly explore ideas from different angles. It worked to our benefit because the raving feedback we got from judges solidified it.

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