Post-Grad Blues

My degree finally came in the mail yesterday and I nearly chucked it in the trash.

It’s still in the box, even with all the souvenirs my school sent with it. Let me note, this is NOT a post-grad depression post. I’ve seen a couple of those circulate in the past year, but this isn’t the case. I don’t miss college. I feel cheated by the concept of it. I know upon graduating results may vary, or at least that should be written somewhere in the offer letters, but I followed the blueprint and feel duped.

What proposed blueprint is there for college? Or even life?

Well, I’ll tell you; It’s the mantra I’ve heard since I walked around the reflection pond to the sciences building to schedule my summer classes: “Get involved! Do internships! And gain leadership positions on-campus!”

I followed those guidelines down to the T and hit the ground running. I challenged myself so much with internships, extracurricular activities, and 4-5 classes every semester that my GPA dropped as time passed. Thankfully, I brought it back up before I virtually crossed the stage at Youtube University. But I did it all. Got involved, joined clubs, a fraternity, held-down multiple internships, got elected into leaderships roles with terms like “vice-president”, “marketing director”, and “public relations chair.”

I went above and beyond in everything I stepped into. So did I reach the end goal?


After applying to over 70 open roles, & still counting, I have not been hired by anyone. Anywhere.

Yes, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. But do you think that has stopped companies from hiring? Not at all, and that’s probably why I don’t feel comforted by the COVID crisis because I see new job postings every single day.

A rebuttal I’ve been hearing lately is, “the job market is more competitive than ever!”

Let’s say it is. Here’s my rebuttal:

A company needs a communications manager. But it also needs a social media coordinator. The budget only allocates costs for one new hire. Technically, social media is communications. So list both duties under one role! Boom, problem solved.

I’ve seen job descriptions like this. I don’t know how much this is discussed in professional spaces but it’s been happening. There is a reason these roles are separate. It requires the work of two people. I see tons of companies propose double-labor for only half the pay.

So I have to ask is the job market really as competitive as we make it seem? Or, is this hiring method constricting employment and sacrificing opportunities for a BOGO on labor?

I know my time is coming and this may just be a rough patch. But America doesn’t care about that. While I pack my things out of my apartment since I can no longer afford it, no unemployment benefits, all I can think is:

I should’ve dropped out sooner.

(See Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, & Oprah Winfrey).

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